Wednesday, August 4, 2010


O Divers, I can understand
Your fascination
For discovering the depths.

Indeed, the kelp fronds sway
Like a seductive lover,
Moving in time with the tide.

Otters and seals,
Sea lions and sharks,
Await to be found by you.

And so you go
Waddling down the beach
Like a blackened duck
With your protection on,
Your face obscured in a mask,
Your body burdened by the tanks of this world.

Oh yes, I understand this call
To plunge into the depths
Of this trench of giant squids
And drifting sunfish and jellies.

But I am lazy and too poor
To buy such equipment
And care too little to swim in the cold.

The trench I explore
Lies deep in my soul,
Beyond this shore of daily thoughts.

Cute little fishes with big eyes
And puckered mouths swim there,
And plenty of sea monsters
To spice up any tale.

In this trench, every grain
Of sand from the day
Is washed away and pulled down
Into this world,
Each becoming a notion
For a dream to build upon.

I would write some more about
All the swimming beasties
And coral reefs
And spindly creatures waiting on the floor
Of this slice of mystic sea.

But the sun is falling
And three vultures watch me from a tree—
An omen, no doubt, that I have not much time.

Instead, you will just
Have to be content
Watching my bubbles rise.

--Janaka Stagnaro

Tara & Bella - The Odd Couple of Animal Kingdom!