Sunday, January 31, 2010

Patrick Henry Hughes - Inspirational Story a powerful story of acceptance and making the most of what we are given. Patrick is a reminder of the power of spirit working through all forms of limitations, which we all have in this three-dimensional world. But what Patrick has been given to help foster his abilities is the power of a loving dedicated family. His father, and all that he gives to his son, is a model of an ideal householder. Patrick's story is also a reminder that in a country such as how Nazi Germany was, with a goal to create the perfect race in a Darwinian model of evolution, instead of a spiritually-based view that all children should be celebrated due to the fact of how hard it is to achieve a human birth, Patrick would not have been given a chance.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dancing Inmates - Michael Jackson's This Is It

The power of purpose and music. This video moved me a lot. Unless we are free of our conditioned minds we are all imprisoned. It is just those who are behind bars that we can point to and say how bad they are. However, Heaven includes all and is closed to each one of us when there is one brother who is excluded from our hearts. Let us not forget our selves struggling and bless one another.

The Real Jim Carrey

How wonderful. It is great that one of such a celebrity status wakes up to his true nature so others can hear that it is not the goals of the world that brings us to our happiness, to the end of our suffering. It is only waking up to knowing who we are not.
When I was a tarot reader at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Hollywood, as a young man I had the opportunity of giving such people readings. And it was readily apparent that no matter what one attains--fame, money, the beautiful partner--if you don't know yourself there is no happiness, only moments of pleasure with the fear of knowing it will quickly pass with the next threat. May all hear Jim's message.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vitality Project: Did It Make a Town Healthier? - ABC News

Vitality Project: Did It Make a Town Healthier? - ABC News

Instigated by Dan Buetter, an explorer around the planet in search of Blue Zones, areas of longevity.

Viewing the Conditioned Mind

"When conditioning arises, if it is not claimed as "mine," it arises within an undivided state. This could also be called an unconditioned state of being. When conditioning meets an undivided state, there is an alchemical transformation. There is a sacred miracle."

--Adyashanti, "Emptiness of Dancing"

This viewing of our conditioning or our tendencies is what "A Course in Miracles" calls looking at oneself with the eyes of Christ, the eyes of forgiveness. This becomes a looking at "our" stuff, whether "good" or "bad," with openness and no judgment. This gentle gazing will allow the imbalances to be free to dissolve back into That from with it arose, where there is no entity to claim it as its own. One can work and work on some unhealthy tendency, going to workshops, counseling, etc., but will it ever end? Not if we say that this tendency is me or mine. The true Self, that is One with the perfect All That Is, has no judgment or ownership. It IS and always will Be. When we can continue to work on this individual personality from the point of view of the Great Creative Agent that is always creating and is always untied with the All That Is, then there is just creativity in action on being Human.