Sunday, January 24, 2010

Viewing the Conditioned Mind

"When conditioning arises, if it is not claimed as "mine," it arises within an undivided state. This could also be called an unconditioned state of being. When conditioning meets an undivided state, there is an alchemical transformation. There is a sacred miracle."

--Adyashanti, "Emptiness of Dancing"

This viewing of our conditioning or our tendencies is what "A Course in Miracles" calls looking at oneself with the eyes of Christ, the eyes of forgiveness. This becomes a looking at "our" stuff, whether "good" or "bad," with openness and no judgment. This gentle gazing will allow the imbalances to be free to dissolve back into That from with it arose, where there is no entity to claim it as its own. One can work and work on some unhealthy tendency, going to workshops, counseling, etc., but will it ever end? Not if we say that this tendency is me or mine. The true Self, that is One with the perfect All That Is, has no judgment or ownership. It IS and always will Be. When we can continue to work on this individual personality from the point of view of the Great Creative Agent that is always creating and is always untied with the All That Is, then there is just creativity in action on being Human.

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