Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Focusing on the True

Once you recognize the power of that true self, there won’t be any remnants of Mind for Restraining. For a Saint, a mind may work or it may not, but according to him there is only one thing that is the true self. The Mind, The world and the Body are not different and separate from that true self. All of them are arising in that true self and disappearing in that. They can’t stay separate and survive on their Own.

They are not different from the true self. So always remain with the awareness of that power of true self. Don’t worry and think about the shadows, they can’t do anything to the true self.

The Mind, the world and the body are just reflections of that light of true self.

-- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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  1. This advice reminds me of a Native American teaching I heard that says: Look to the sunshine and you will see the shadow no more.
    It is also the teachings of ACIM to behold the perfect Christ in your brother by seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. Any other type of viewing is not the truth as it is based on the judgments of time where there is good and bad. In God, there is only Love, Unity, the Holy Whole Self.

    With that said, I still believe it is important to see the unhealthy tendencies one has, but more as an artist of creating in the world, but without judgment, without the need for change in order to be loved by God. That Love is always there waiting to be recognized.