Thursday, March 24, 2011


words say so little
of the Truth behind all things
so my mouth stays shut

Hello friends, family and associates,

How fast the year is marching on! I have been so plugged into the matrix that it has been hard to keep track of time, but after countless hours, I am ready to share the beginnings of my new website.  I am using a new website program (Site Build It) that is superior to what I have been using before (Yahoo). It is far more user friendly, and designed to create an increase in traffic. A friend of mine who uses this system gets 600 to 900 hits a day. I have been happy with 40! My site is called Mindfulness Meditation Techniques: Tools for Body, Mind and Spirit ( You will find a host of meditations that I have found useful over the years. If you have a website that relates to this genre and you want to link, just let me know. Also, I would appreciate your feedback and comments on what you would like to see on the site.

You never know when the "Ides of March" will strike, as events do not always go the way that we want them. That is why I find meditation expedient, to be able go to that deep place, safe from the crashing of the waves. From the place of Silence, that place beyond the ranting of the mind, it is easier to see people and events as they truly are, not what we want them to be. The egoic mind, the little me, sees anyone who acts against its desires as a Brutus, and will either strike out in the name of preservation or will play the part of the martyr, the victim. Kill or be killed. From the place of Silence, of knowing, the true Self knows that to be killed or be killed is a bunch of malarkey. For nothing of the temporal can touch the Eternal.

Happy meditating!



3/1 and 3/15:
My place in downtown Santa Rosa
7-9 PM
We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. For those of you who do not know this amazing work, it is a non-dualistic course about forgiveness and remembering your eternal divine nature. . The group is open, so if you would like to learn more about it let me know.

9:00 AM at The Village Elementary School, Santa Rosa
Stories and drawing for the first grades. Closed to the public.
11: 00 AM at  the Central Library, Santa Rosa
Stories and improv for ages 4 and older. Free and open to the public.
Are you a patron of the arts? Have you ever wanted to be but found original works of art beyond your budget? I have a solution. If you have a relationship with me or you live in the northern part of California, you can rent to own original pieces of artwork of mine. How it works is this: Find an original art piece of mine and you can immediately have it in your home. You pay 10% of the cost of the work at the beginning of the month and in ten months it is yours. After the first month, if you think the piece does not fit your space you can return it and you will be credited that month's payment to another art piece. So visit my Artfire studio or my website, or better yet, come on by for a personal tour of my studio here in Santa Rosa and be a patron of the arts supporting my work and begin your collection of original artwork. 
Attached are images of three watercolor paintings:
  • Standing Stones is a painting I did after my trip to Ireland and Britain. It is a fantasy based on my fascination of standing stones.
  • Inward Gaze is a veil painting. And with such paintings I never know how they will come out.
  • To the Heights is a reminder to keep climbing, no matter how steep the climb looks.
I love animals. I haven't met an animal I didn't love (Okay, mosquitoes are a challenge). My partner, Aiden (my 5-year-old), and I are available to take care of your animals in the Santa Rosa area.  Check out my web page for more details at

A great tool for accessing the powerful qualities within you. Know thy self. Sessions are either 30 minutes or an hour, with a sliding scale of $30-$40 and $60-$80 respectfully. I will not turn anyone away if their financial situation does not allow full payment. Sessions can be in person, Skype or over the phone.
Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. Pass it on if you would. Your support is vital. If you want off the list just press Reply and message No Thanks. 

Offering to the Community:
Fine Art; Tarot Readings, Meditation and Spiritual Guidance; Inspirational Books; Storytelling; Conscious Pet Care
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