Friday, April 8, 2011

Coyote Medicine-Learning to Laugh

Coyote the Trickster paid a visit to my dreams last night. I was attending a performance in a large hall packed with people. Before the show I was talking with the producer and told him I was a storyteller. He was pleased and asked me if I wanted to tell a story during the night's performance. I agreed since I had my Native American flute with me; I would tell one of my favorite tales of Coyote and Grandfather Rock. The only problem was that he was not sure of when I would go up, but it would probably be towards the end of the evening. There was a speaker who was going to talk about her new book about Coyote Medicine so my story would go well with her presentation. Meanwhile, I wandered to where the children were playing to be with them, and then the call came. I rushed out onto the stage and told the audience about Coyote. I told them that with Coyote Medicine you never knew what was going to happen, and in order to work with that medicine you have to be able to go with moment. And to have a good sense of humor.

And then I lifted my flute to my lips to start the tale--it wasn't my flute. I blew and blew and not a sound came out. I excused myself and quickly rushed off the stage to retrieve my flute. When I returned the whole auditorium was being cleared out; the chairs were all put away, the floor was being swept and most of the audience was gone. I just laughed and began to play my flute anyway.

That is Coyote Medicine. He loves to mess with folks, especially those of us who think we know everything and have everything under control. And, boy, is he present these days on this planet. Just when people think they have everything they need to have a happy life, Coyote will pull the rug right from under their feet. Coyote is throwing marbles on the floor of reality these days and is getting a kick at seeing the wild gyrations on the dance floor as people collide into one another. If you get all serious about things Coyote will send more tricks your way to try to lighten you up, and doesn't understand why you just get madder. Life is supposed to be amusing. He has such pity for those of us locked in security cells of what "should be" that he will do his utmost to free us from that prison of  expectations.

So if you want to have Coyote play tricks somewhere else, make sure you laugh a lot at the seriousness you take yourself to be, and stop trying to control your reality. And have fun.


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  2. Thank you, Anton, for your kind words. Come back again. And may your days be filled with laughter.