Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Hillsdale Effect 2010

This was the high school I attended many years ago. It is nice to see that these students are being exposed to what so many of the world go through daily, most without hope that their conditions will improve. As a teacher, one of my frustrations is when I hear students complain about what they have or don't have. After traveling to many places of the world where there are children going hungry and have no opportunity for education, I just want to airdrop such students into such conditions for a month. Then I guarantee you they will be more humble and appreciative. After living and working abroad in the Peace Corps and on my own, even after 20 years, I am so grateful for what I have. While my family and I struggle at times financially I remind us about how far we are up the proverbial totem pole we reside. May all education instill in our children compassion for all those who suffer.

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