Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Krishna Das

Last night my neighborhood in Santa Rosa had a healthy potluck and then we walked over en masse to chant along with Krishna Das. As usual his music created a highly charged devotional setting. It has been a while since I have had the joy of doing kirtan (Indian devotion call and response) and it felt good to weep devotional tears. While there is only One in Truth, the wonderful and mysterious leela, or divine play, which has the One appearing as many, is joyous to play as devotee and the Beloved. There is nothing in the material world that can offer anything that compares to the bliss of feeling the loving Presence of God. Regardless of traditions, whether they be Gregorian chants, Tibetan, Native American, Sufi, Vedic, etc., the intention and power behind them are such a spiritual balm for me.

In all of my lives you have been with me; whether day or night I remember.
When you fall out of sight, I am restless day and night, burning.
I climb hilltops; I watch for signs of your return; my eyes are swollen with tears....
It's your beauty that makes me drunk.--Mirabai, Mirabai: Ecstatic Poems

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