Sunday, October 31, 2010



earth-dried bones--
roots begin to speak;
barren trees like fingers bent,
ground-ward pointed;
gnarled oak women spent.

footfalls silent on leafy paths;
tombstone names forgotten
beckon from the past;
dust bowl of eyes descend, unseen,
molded into owl’s dreaded mask.

drums echo to composted beats
while brooms sweep hidden piles;
skulls drop primeval clues;
from hinge-less doors, whispering--
ancestors stomp into view.

Happy Halloween Everyone

Today is the day that the ancestors say is the thinnest between the two worlds, the world of the spirit and the world of the living in a dense body. It is a time of honoring those who went before us, who we no longer see but dwell in the memories of our hearts. It is a day that can be a powerful reminder to leave our lives to its fullest, to live our dreams before we become an ancestor; instead of a day of celebrating Hollywood and pop culture and children gathering all the high corn fructose they can get. So light a candle to our friends and family in remembrance, and let this day be a day of holiness (hallow-ness) and not one of horror.

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