Sunday, October 17, 2010

A True Miracle

I had a dream last night. In this dream I was with a friend. He was troubled. He asked me about A Course in Miracles and what miracles were. I told him that the miracles the course talked about was not walking on water or other displays of powers. A real miracle is seeing God everywhere. And as I said that I was filled with an immense love for I was not the one saying it….
Powers are nothing in themselves. They come from the mind which has the power of God in it. Yet the mind can be an instrument of healing, which is leading one back to wholeness, back to unity, or the mind can be used to create more of the illusion of separateness or specialness. I have had the fortune of meeting several teachers early on upon my spiritual journey who had special powers and I watched how those powers cut them off from Source. They had become special and distinctively divine. We see people in our lives and on the screen and in our books who have special talents, special attributes given to them and developed by them. People may be brilliant intellectually, be a creative genius, have beauty, possess great athletic prowess, speak charismatically, etc. All these are of the mind, even the more physical if one sees that all physical manifestation is of the mind (which is another topic). Psychic or supernatural (or abilities that are not possessed by the majority of people) are neither right nor wrong to have. Like all the former abilities if they are used to bring one back to awareness of the Godhead then they are positive; if they lead to the opposite they just cause more separation as the wielder will unwisely identify with those powers. These powers, all the aforementioned, come and go. They are not permanent. If one identifies with her beauty, when old age comes where is her happiness? If one thinks that he is brilliant and the mind weakens where is his happiness? None of these abilities are worth our divine inheritance. Walking through a wall or levitating is not a miracle; it is simply an event in time.

The miracles that the course talks about are still an event in time but they are bridges to the Eternal. The true miracle is seeing the world with the eyes of the Holy Spirit and seeing the Christ in all beings and all things. It is looking upon the world with the gentle eyes of forgiveness. I met a client who shared her story of being raped in her apartment by a stranger. As she was being assaulted the grace of the Holy Spirit descended upon her and she saw not an assailant but her brother needing help. She told him that he was so loved and that he did not need to be doing what he was doing. He stopped. He told her how sorry he was, and with tears flowing down he left into the night. But he did not leave with a curse upon him but only with a blessing. That is a miracle. When we can see those events that one would normally condemn as wrong and see them with the loving eyes of spirit that knows that nothing that is real can be threatened, that all such acts are calls for love, then we actually become the miracle, the bridge of heaven appearing on earth. Then we see that every moment is and has always been a miracle beckoning us to cross into the Christ we are.

Do you want to see a miracle? Go look in the mirror and ask to see yourself with the eyes of spirit. And rejoice. For you are Divine.

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