Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cyber War and the Need for True Communication

Cyber war wages across the internet as hacker supporters of WikiLeaks attack prosecutors of Julian Assange. To the hackers it is a battle of keeping the internet free of government control, although now I am afraid the FTC will use this as an excuse of needing more control. As one who uses the internet to disseminate my views out into the world I certainly want freedom of expression, with no one telling me what is appropriate or not. After all, I know there are many who would find what I said as wrong. But when I stand with founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, John Perry Barlow, and say that attacking anyone for their views goes contrary to freedom of expression, I hope I am not attacked by these freedom hacksters.

My stand with WikiLeaks is this: I agree there needs to be independent outlets, free of government or big-business media, where whistle blowers can go to. Otherwise the shadows of government, corporations and powerful individuals will not be brought to the light. However, just as there is Right Speech, which is: Is what I am about to say kind, true and helpful; so there should be right speech on the internet. To release all information is like someone just telling it like it is, no matter what the consequences. Yet a lot of harm can be done with that manner of expression. There are needed secrets at times in all businesses, agencies, and with families. Otherwise things may be revealed too soon, taken out of context; something might have been said when the person was out of balance, in depression, in anger, and in balance the same person may have regrets over it. Why should they be held in a noose over it? Who has not said anything they later regretted?

It will be interesting to see how this war turns out. Like most wars, opposing sides will not see things as they really are, but will see acts, statements and such as symbols, rallying points to justify continued attack. In war all perspectives become polarized of us versus them. In this conflict it is the battle between freedom and form, the individual versus government. Yet both sides have their perspective that is legitimate. It is like the left brain fighting against the right brain. We need both to be a balanced humanity.

I hope peace will be remembered. And to have peace one must stand in the shoes of the other to see from their perspective. Hell, this is really all about communication. What is communication? It is communion. It is coming together in union. That is how we form community. And the community I want for my family and for all the world is community where all viewpoints are acceptable, that there be diversity and not my way or the highway.


Janaka Stagnaro

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